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What is ISO 15955:2021?

ISO 15955:2021 is a technical standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides guidelines and requirements for documenting technical articles. This standard aims to ensure consistency, clarity, and quality.

The Structure of ISO 15955:2021

ISO 15955:2021 consists of several sections that outline the different elements of a technical article. These sections include:

Title and Authors: Every technical article should have a clear and concise title that reflects its content. The authors' names, affiliations, and contact information should also be provided.

Abstract: A brief summary of the article's key points, methodology, and conclusions.

Introductionintroduction to the topic, providing background information and the purpose of the article.

Methods: Detailed descriptions of the materials, equipment, and procedures used in the study or research.

Results: Presentation of the findings, including data, graphs, tables, and statistical analyses.

Discussion: Interpretation of the results, comparison with previous studies, and addressing limitations and implications.

Conclusion: A summary of the main findings and their significance.

Acknowledgments: Acknowledging individuals or organizations who contributed to the research or article.

References: Citing the sources used in the article following a specific referencing style.

The Importance of ISO 15955:2021

ISO 15955:2021 plays a crucial role in promoting effective communication in technical fields. By adhering to this standard, technical writers can ensure that their articles are well-structured, coherent, and understandable to readers. Consistency in formatting and citation also enables easier access to related research and enhances the credibility of the article.


ISO 15955:2021 is a valuable tool for technical writers, providing guidelines on how to write clear and comprehensive articles. By following the structure outlined in this standard, authors can improve the quality and impact of their work. Adhering to ISO 15955:2021 ensures consistency and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in various fields.


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