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What is ISO 24584:2012?

ISO 24584:2012 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the management and preservation of digital records. It focuses on the long-term sustainability of digital information, ensuring its authenticity, reliability, and usefulness over time.

Importance of ISO 24584:2012

In today's digital era, organizations across various sectors heavily rely on digital records for their day-to-day operations. These records may include emails, documents, databases, websites, and multimedia content. The proper management and preservation of these records are crucial to ensure business continuity, legal compliance, and historical memory.

ISO 24584:2012 sets standards and practices to ensure that digital records remain accessible, usable, and trusted throughout their lifecycle. It helps organizations establish efficient systems for record creation, classification, retrieval, and disposal, while considering technological obsolescence, changing formats, and evolving user needs.

Main Requirements of ISO 24584:2012

The standard provides a comprehensive framework for managing digital records effectively. Some of its main requirements include:

System design: Organizations need to develop and implement systems that capture, store, and retrieve digital records, ensuring their integrity and reliability.

Metadata: Proper documentation and metadata creation are essential to provide context, provenance, and meaning to digital records.

Preservation planning: Organizations must have strategies in place to address the long-term preservation of digital records, including migration, replication, and emulation.

Security and access controls: Ensuring appropriate security measures and access controls are vital to protect the authenticity and confidentiality of digital records.

Benefits and Challenges

Adhering to ISO 24584:2012 brings several benefits to organizations, such as:

Improved efficiency in record management processes, leading to cost savings and increased productivity.

Enhanced legal compliance by meeting regulatory requirements related to recordkeeping and information governance.

Assured long-term accessibility and usability of digital records, preserving organizational memory and knowledge.

However, implementing the standard can also pose some challenges. Organizations may need to invest in new technologies, staff training, and change management processes to achieve compliance. Additionally, the rapid pace of technological advancements requires continuous monitoring and adaptation to ensure records' integrity and longevity.


ISO 24584:2012 is a valuable framework for organizations seeking to manage and preserve their digital records effectively. By following its guidelines, organizations can ensure the long-term sustainability, authenticity, and accessibility of their valuable digital assets.


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