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What is EN ISO 2081:2008+A1:2013

EN ISO 2081:2008+A1:2013 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for metallic and other inorganic coatings on iron and steel. This technical article provides a thorough understanding of this standard and its significance in the industry.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of EN ISO 2081:2008+A1:2013 encompasses the general principles and requirements for the classification, designation, sampling, testing, and acceptance criteria of metallic and other inorganic coatings. The purpose of this standard is to provide guidelines for ensuring the quality and durability of coatings applied to iron and steel surfaces.

Main Requirements

EN ISO 2081:2008+A1:2013 outlines the essential requirements for coated products, including minimum thickness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and appearance. Coatings must be able to withstand specified environmental conditions and have the necessary mechanical properties to fulfill their intended functions.

Compliance and Certification

To ensure compliance with EN ISO 2081:2008+A1:2013, manufacturers must implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the coating process. Regular inspections, testing, and certification are essential to verify the conformity of coated products and to maintain consistent quality standards.

In conclusion, EN ISO 2081:2008+A1:2013 plays a crucial role in standardizing metallic and inorganic coatings on iron and steel. Adhering to this standard not only ensures the quality and durability of coated products but also promotes harmonization and facilitates international trade in the industry.


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