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What is ISO-TS 15926-2:2010?

ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 is an international standard that provides a framework for the integration and exchange of information in the field of industrial automation systems and integration. It is specifically focused on the lifecycle management of process plants, including design, construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning.

The Importance of ISO-TS 15926-2:2010

This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring interoperability and data consistency across different phases of a process plant's lifecycle. By using a common reference model, ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 enables consistent communication and information exchange between various software applications and systems involved in the lifecycle management process.

Interoperability is particularly important in large-scale projects where multiple vendors and stakeholders are involved. ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 helps to eliminate inconsistencies and inefficiencies that can arise from using different data formats and communication protocols.

Key Features and Benefits

ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 employs a powerful semantic data model that allows for the integration of diverse information from different sources. It provides a common language for describing assets, processes, and their relationships throughout the lifecycle of a process plant.

One of the key benefits of ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 is its ability to support data exchange and sharing across different software applications. This enhances collaboration and streamlines workflows by enabling seamless integration of data and information from various disciplines, such as engineering, procurement, construction, and operations.

Additionally, ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 promotes data quality and consistency by enforcing standardized rules and validations. This ensures that information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, leading to improved decision-making and reduced risks during the lifecycle of a process plant.


ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 is an essential standard in the field of industrial automation systems and integration. It provides a foundation for the integration and exchange of information throughout the lifecycle management of process plants. By ensuring interoperability and data consistency, this standard plays a crucial role in enhancing collaboration, improving efficiency, and reducing risks in large-scale projects.

Adopting ISO-TS 15926-2:2010 can bring numerous benefits to organizations involved in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of process plants. It enables seamless integration of data from various disciplines, enhances data quality and accuracy, and ultimately contributes to better decision-making and project outcomes.


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