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What is BS EN 61140:2018?

BS EN 61140:2018, also known as IEC 61140:2018, is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the protection of electrical equipment against electric shock. This standard, titled "Protection against electric shock – Common aspects for installation and equipment", is applicable to electrical installations, equipment, and systems in various industries and environments.

The Scope and Objectives

The scope of BS EN 61140:2018 includes protection against electric shock in low-voltage electrical installations with nominal voltages not exceeding 1,000 V AC or 1,500 V DC. It aims to ensure safety by reducing hazards posed by electric shock for both users and maintenance personnel. The standard covers a wide range of topics such as protective measures, safety management, insulation coordination, and environmental aspects.

Main Requirements and Recommendations

BS EN 61140:2018 sets forth several key requirements and recommendations to ensure electrical safety. These include:

Selection and use of suitable equipment that meets necessary safety standards

Proper electrical insulation and protection against direct contact with live parts

Establishing safe working conditions, including secure access, proper lighting, and clear labeling

Regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment

Educating and training personnel on electrical safety practices and emergency procedures

Compliance and Benefits

Compliance with BS EN 61140:2018 is crucial for businesses and organizations to ensure the safety of their personnel and avoid potential legal liabilities. Additionally, adhering to this standard offers several benefits, including:

Reduced risk of electrical accidents and injuries

Enhanced reliability and performance of electrical systems

Improved efficiency in maintenance procedures

Compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices

Increased confidence from customers and stakeholders

In conclusion, BS EN 61140:2018 provides comprehensive guidelines and requirements for the protection against electric shock in electrical installations and equipment. Its scope covers various industries and environments, and its compliance ensures the safety of personnel and the proper functioning of electrical systems. By following this standard, organizations can create a safer working environment and enjoy a range of benefits related to electrical safety.


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