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What is EN ISO 12100:17-2021?

EN ISO 12100:17-2021, also known as ISO 12100:2010, is an international standard that provides guidelines for machinery safety. It covers the principles and general requirements for the design and manufacture of machinery, as well as the risk assessment and risk reduction processes involved.

Importance of EN ISO 12100:17-2021

Implementing EN ISO 12100:17-2021 in the design and manufacturing processes of machinery helps to ensure a high level of safety for operators, maintenance personnel, and users. By following the guidelines and recommendations provided in this standard, potential hazards can be identified, and appropriate measures can be taken to prevent accidents and injuries.

Key Requirements of EN ISO 12100:17-2021

EN ISO 12100:17-2021 emphasizes the importance of hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk reduction. It requires manufacturers to consider all stages of the machine's life cycle, from initial design to disposal, ensuring that potential hazards are minimized or eliminated altogether.

Furthermore, the standard highlights the need for clear and comprehensive instructions, including warnings and safety signs, to communicate potential risks to users. It also stresses the importance of providing appropriate training and information to machinery operators and maintenance personnel.

Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 12100:17-2021

Complying with EN ISO 12100:17-2021 offers numerous benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. Firstly, it helps manufacturers improve the overall safety and quality of their machinery, reducing the liability and potential costs associated with accidents and lawsuits.

For end-users, machinery that adheres to this standard is safer to operate and maintain. It reduces the risk of injuries, improves productivity, and promotes a positive work environment. Compliance with EN ISO 12100:17-2021 also ensures that machinery meets international safety standards, facilitating global trade and market access.


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