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What is EN ISO 10360-1:2006?

EN ISO 10360-1:2006 is an international standard that provides guidelines and specifications for evaluating the performance of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). CMMs are widely used in industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive, to measure the geometry of objects with high precision. The standard defines procedures and tolerances for assessing various parameters of CMMs, ensuring accuracy and reliability in their measurements.

Importance of EN ISO 10360-1:2006

The implementation of EN ISO 10360-1:2006 is crucial for ensuring consistency and comparability in CMM measurements across different manufacturers and laboratories. By following the standard, both users and producers of CMMs can have confidence in the accuracy of the measurements obtained. This not only helps in quality control processes but also facilitates fair competition within the industry. Additionally, adhering to the standard allows for traceable and verifiable calibration of CMMs, enhancing overall reliability.

Key Parameters and Evaluations

EN ISO 10360-1:2006 specifies several parameters for evaluating CMM performance. One key parameter is the maximum permissible error (MPE), which defines the acceptable deviation between actual measurements and true values. The standard outlines specific tests, such as length measurement test, probing error test, and temperature compensation test, to determine MPE. These evaluations ensure that the CMM's measurements are within the required accuracy limits.

Compliance and Certification

Compliance with EN ISO 10360-1:2006 is essential for CMM manufacturers and users. Manufacturers must thoroughly test and document their CMMs to demonstrate compliance with the standard's specifications. Users, on the other hand, should consider certification when selecting a CMM supplier. Certification indicates that a manufacturer's CMMs meet all the necessary requirements according to EN ISO 10360-1:2006. It is advisable to periodically recalibrate CMMs and ensure ongoing compliance to maintain measurement reliability.


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