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What is EN ISO 27207:2011?

EN ISO 27207:2011 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the evaluation of machinery safety. It outlines the requirements and recommendations for conducting thorough risk assessments, implementing necessary safety measures, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

The Importance of EN ISO 27207:2011

Adhering to EN ISO 27207:2011 is crucial in fostering a safe working environment, particularly in industries where machinery is extensively used. This standard helps organizations identify potential hazards associated with machinery and take appropriate action to mitigate them. Compliance fosters not only employee safety but also regulatory compliance and protection against lawsuits.

Key Components of EN ISO 27207:2011

EN ISO 27207:2011 consists of several essential elements that guide organizations in ensuring machinery safety:

Risk assessment: This involves identifying potential risks, evaluating their severity, and determining suitable control measures.

Protective measures: The standard recommends implementing necessary protective measures such as guards, interlocks, and emergency stop systems to minimize the risk.

Verification: EN ISO 27207:2011 emphasizes the importance of verifying implemented safety measures and ensuring their effectiveness.

Documentation: Organizations should maintain comprehensive documentation of risk assessments, safety measures, and verification procedures to demonstrate compliance.

Training and instructions: The standard highlights the significance of providing adequate training and clear instructions on machinery use to operators and maintenance personnel.

Incorporating EN ISO 27207:2011 into Safety Practices

Organizations can integrate EN ISO 27207:2011 into their safety practices by following these steps:

Identify the machinery involved and assess the associated risks.

Evaluate existing safety measures and identify any gaps.

Implement necessary protective measures based on the risk assessment outcomes.

Regularly verify the effectiveness of implemented measures.

Train employees on proper machine operation, maintenance, and safety procedures.

Maintain accurate documentation of risk assessments, verification procedures, and employee training records.

Periodically review and update safety practices to reflect changes in machinery or regulations.

In conclusion, EN ISO 27207:2011 is a comprehensive standard that plays a critical role in ensuring machinery safety. Adhering to this standard allows organizations to identify potential risks, implement appropriate safety measures, and maintain a safe working environment for employees.


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