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What is EN ISO 14140:32021

EN ISO 14140:32021 is a standard that provides guidelines for writing thorough technical articles. In today's fast-paced world, where information is readily available, it is crucial to communicate complex technical concepts effectively. This standard offers a framework and structure to ensure that technical articles are well-organized and easy to understand.

Importance of Writing Thorough Technical Articles

Writing thorough technical articles is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it enhances knowledge sharing among professionals in the field. Well-written articles provide valuable insights, promote discussion, and contribute to the overall growth of the industry. Secondly, clear and concise technical writing helps bridge the gap between experts and non-experts. A well-structured article can make complex ideas accessible to a wider audience, enabling them to grasp key concepts and increase their understanding of the subject matter.

Structure and Components of an EN ISO 14140:32021 Compliant Article

An EN ISO 14140:32021 compliant technical article should consist of several key components:

1. **Title**: The title should accurately reflect the content of the article, providing readers with a clear idea of what to expect.

2. **Introduction**: The introduction sets the stage for the article by providing background information and clearly stating the purpose or objective. It should grab the reader's attention and outline the main points that will be discussed.

3. **Body**: The body of the article should be divided into logical sections or paragraphs. Each section should focus on a specific aspect of the topic and present information in a coherent manner. Use headings and subheadings to guide the reader through the content and enhance readability.

4. **Conclusion**: The conclusion summarizes the main points discussed in the article and provides a closing statement or recommendation. It should leave the reader with a clear understanding of the key takeaways.


Writing thorough technical articles is an important skill for professionals in various fields. Following the guidelines provided by EN ISO 14140:32021 ensures that articles are well-organized, easy to understand, and effectively communicate complex concepts. By adopting this standard, writers can enhance knowledge sharing, bridge the gap between experts and non-experts, and contribute to the overall growth of their industry.


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