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What is IEC 60092-513?

IEC 60092-513 is an international standard that specifies the electrical installations on ships – General construction and test methods of power, control and instrumentation cables for shipboard and offshore applications. It is part of the series of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards that cover the electrical equipment and systems used on board ships and offshore units.

General construction of power, control, and instrumentation cables

IEC 60092-513 provides guidelines for the general construction of power, control, and instrumentation cables used in marine environments. These cables are designed to withstand the harsh conditions found at sea, such as exposure to saltwater, extreme temperatures, and vibrations. They must also meet stringent safety requirements to ensure the reliable operation of electrical systems on ships and offshore installations.

The standard covers various aspects of cable construction, including conductor materials, insulation and sheathing materials, armor types, and protective layers. It also defines the requirements for cable marking and identification, as well as testing procedures to verify compliance with the specified parameters.

Test methods for shipboard and offshore cables

In addition to specifying the general construction requirements, IEC 60092-513 also outlines the test methods to be used for verifying the performance and durability of shipboard and offshore cables. These tests include electrical tests, mechanical tests, flame retardancy tests, and environmental tests.

Electrical tests involve measuring parameters such as insulation resistance, voltage withstand, and conductor resistance. Mechanical tests evaluate the cable's ability to withstand bending, twisting, and impact forces. Flame retardancy tests assess the cable's resistance to fire and its ability to prevent the spread of flames. Environmental tests simulate the effects of high and low temperatures, humidity, and saltwater exposure on the cable's performance.


IEC 60092-513 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations on ships and offshore units. By providing guidelines for the construction and testing of power, control, and instrumentation cables, the standard helps manufacturers produce cables that can withstand the demanding conditions encountered at sea. Compliance with IEC 60092-513 is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of electrical systems and to mitigate the risks associated with electrical failures in marine environments.


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