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of BS EN ISO 17853:2013

BS EN ISO 17853:2013 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the assessment of the performance of instruments used in continuous water analysis. This standard applies to instruments used for the determination of various parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity in water samples. It sets out the requirements and test procedures necessary to ensure the accuracy and reliability of these instruments.

Performance Requirements

The first aspect covered by BS EN ISO 17853:2013 is the performance requirements of water analysis instruments. This includes criteria for accuracy, precision, detection limits, linearity, and stability. The standard specifies the acceptable tolerances for each parameter, ensuring that the instruments provide reliable and consistent measurements over time.

Validation and Verification

Another important section of the standard deals with the validation and verification of instruments. Validation involves establishing documented evidence to demonstrate that an instrument meets its predetermined specifications. Verification, on the other hand, involves confirming whether an instrument meets specified performance requirements regularly during its use. BS EN ISO 17853:2013 provides guidelines for both validation and verification processes, ensuring the ongoing accuracy and reliability of the instruments.

Instrument Maintenance and Calibration

Maintenance and calibration are key aspects of ensuring the continued performance and accuracy of water analysis instruments. BS EN ISO 17853:2013 provides recommendations for maintenance procedures, including cleaning, storage, and preventive maintenance activities. Additionally, it outlines the calibration requirements and procedures for different instrument parameters, emphasizing the need for regular calibration to maintain accurate measurements.


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