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What is BS EN 61851-4:2018

BS EN 61851-4:2018 is a technical standard that defines the requirements for electric vehicle conductive charging systems. It outlines the specifications for the communication between the electric vehicle (EV) and the supply equipment, ensuring safe and efficient charging.

The Importance of BS EN 61851-4:2018

This standard plays a crucial role in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. It ensures interoperability and compatibility between different EV models and charging stations, enabling seamless communication during charging sessions. By adhering to BS EN 61851-4:2018, charging infrastructure providers can offer reliable and efficient charging services to EV owners.

Key Features and Requirements

BS EN 61851-4:2018 covers various aspects of EV charging systems. One key feature is the requirement for a communication protocol known as "Control Pilot" that allows the EV and charging station to exchange information. This enables functionalities such as authorization, power delivery control, and safety monitoring.

The standard also specifies the physical connector interface and pin arrangement for both the vehicle inlet and the supply equipment plug. This ensures mechanical compatibility, preventing faulty connections and potential hazards.

Benefits and Future Development

BS EN 61851-4:2018 provides numerous benefits to electric vehicle owners, charging infrastructure providers, and society as a whole. It promotes safety by setting standards for communication and connection quality. Additionally, it helps create a competitive market for charging solutions, driving innovation and cost reduction.

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, BS EN 61851-4:2018 will evolve to accommodate advancements in technology and incorporate new features. This includes increased charging capacity, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced interoperability with smart grids and renewable energy sources.

In conclusion, BS EN 61851-4:2018 is a crucial technical standard that ensures safe and efficient communication between electric vehicles and charging stations. Its requirements promote interoperability, compatibility, and safety in the charging infrastructure ecosystem. By adhering to this standard, we can embrace the electric vehicle revolution and move towards a sustainable future.


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