Technological Innovation

What is ISO 55153:2014

ISO 55153:2014 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the documentation and management of technical information during the entire product lifecycle. This standard ensures that technical information is communicated effectively, accurately, and consistently to all stakeholders involved in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of products.

Why is ISO 55153:2014 important?

Effective management of technical information is crucial for organizations in various industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, and aerospace. ISO 55153:2014 helps organizations streamline their processes and ensures that technical information is accessible and up-to-date throughout the product lifecycle.

This standard enhances collaboration and communication among different departments within an organization and facilitates the exchange of technical information with external parties, such as suppliers and customers. By implementing ISO 55153:2014, organizations can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance overall product quality.

Key elements of ISO 55153:2014

ISO 55153:2014 covers several key elements for managing technical information:

Documentation structure: The standard provides guidelines for creating and organizing technical documents, ensuring consistency and clarity. These guidelines include document types, naming conventions, and hierarchical structures.

Change management: ISO 55153:2014 addresses the management of changes to technical information, including version control, change tracking, and configuration management. These processes ensure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information and prevent errors or inconsistencies due to outdated documentation.

Information access and retrieval: The standard emphasizes the importance of easy access to technical information. It includes recommendations for effective search capabilities, information storage, indexing, and retrieval mechanisms. These recommendations help users quickly find the information they need, improving productivity and reducing downtime.

Technical data exchange: ISO 55153:2014 also focuses on facilitating the exchange of technical information between different systems and organizations. It provides guidelines for data formats, metadata, and interoperability to ensure seamless communication.


ISO 55153:2014 is a valuable standard that improves the management and documentation of technical information throughout the product lifecycle. By following the guidelines set forth in this standard, organizations can enhance collaboration, efficiency, and overall product quality. Proper implementation of ISO 55153:2014 not only benefits individual companies but also ensures smooth communication among various stakeholders within the industry.


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