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What is BS EN ISO 306712011?


BS EN ISO 306712011, also known as the ISO Standard 30671:2011, is a technical specification that provides guidelines for writing in-depth and technically accurate articles. This standard offers a framework for organizing and structuring information to ensure clarity and effectiveness in technical communication.

Key Features of BS EN ISO 306712011

1. Structured Approach: The standard emphasizes a structured approach to writing, including defining clear objectives and ensuring a logical flow of information. This ensures that readers can easily follow the article and understand complex technical concepts.

2. Clear and Concise Language: BS EN ISO 306712011 encourages the use of plain and concise language to convey technical information effectively. Jargon should be avoided or clearly defined to enhance understanding.

3. Technical Accuracy: The standard stresses the importance of accurate and reliable information. Writers must thoroughly research and verify facts, citing credible sources where necessary. This ensures that the article maintains high standards of credibility within the intended field.

4. Visual Aids: BS EN ISO 306712011 recommends the use of visual aids, such as diagrams, charts, and graphs, to facilitate understanding. These aids should be relevant, labeled appropriately, and referenced in the text.

5. Revision and Review: The standard highlights the significance of thorough revision and editing processes. Authors should review their work for coherence, grammar, spelling, and overall formatting to ensure a professional final product.

Benefits and Applications

Adhering to BS EN ISO 306712011 benefits both writers and readers alike. By following the standard, authors can expect improved clarity, increased credibility, and enhanced professionalism in their writing. Readers benefit from well-organized and comprehensible articles, enabling better grasp of technical topics.

This standard finds applications across various fields, including scientific research, engineering, technology, and other industries where precise and accurate technical communication is crucial. Journalists, editors, and professional writers can also benefit from implementing the guidelines offered by BS EN ISO 306712011.


BS EN ISO 306712011 establishes a benchmark for high-quality technical writing. By adhering to this standard, writers can produce articles that are clear, concise, and technically accurate. The use of structured approaches, clear language, visual aids, and rigorous review processes greatly improves the effectiveness and impact of technical communication.


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