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What is the IEC 61004-2 standard?

The IEC 61004-2 standard is an important technical specification that plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical equipment. Introduced by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), this standard provides guidelines for evaluating the performance of electrical appliances in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and the prevention of interference.

Benefits of complying with the IEC 61004-2 standard

Complying with the IEC 61004-2 standard offers numerous advantages for both manufacturers and consumers of electrical equipment. Firstly, adherence to this standard ensures that electrical appliances function properly without causing interference to other devices. It establishes harmonization and compatibility among various electronic products, reducing the risk of malfunction or damage due to electromagnetic disturbances. Additionally, the IEC 61004-2 standard promotes the safety of electrical equipment, protecting users from potential hazards caused by poor design or manufacturing practices.

Key requirements of the IEC 61004-2 standard

The IEC 61004-2 standard outlines several key requirements that electrical equipment must meet in order to comply. These requirements cover aspects such as electromagnetic emission levels, immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, and protection against electrostatic discharges. Manufacturers need to ensure that their products fall within the specified limits and undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate compliance. Furthermore, documentation and labeling requirements are also outlined in the standard to provide clear information to end-users about compliance and safety measures.

Certification and testing processes

To obtain certification for compliance with the IEC 61004-2 standard, manufacturers typically engage in rigorous testing processes. This involves subjecting their products to comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility tests, verifying that they meet the specified requirements. The certification process may include assessments of radiated and conducted emissions, susceptibility to electromagnetic fields, and resistance to electrostatic discharges. Once a product successfully passes these tests and meets all the necessary criteria, it can be labeled as compliant with the IEC 61004-2 standard.


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