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What is ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013?

ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the representation of information objects. It focuses on defining and describing metadata objects, which are used to document and classify data elements, concepts, and value domains within an information system. In this article, we will delve into the details of ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013 and explore its significance in the field of information management.

The Purpose of ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013

ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013 serves as a comprehensive framework for ensuring consistency and interoperability in the management of metadata. Metadata, in simple terms, is data about data. It provides essential information such as the definition, structure, and relationships of data elements. The standard aims to establish common rules and guidelines for creating, registering, and managing metadata across various systems and organizations.

Key Components of ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013

The standard consists of several key components that contribute to its effective implementation. These include the identification and registration of data elements, defining metadata attributes, establishing data element concepts, and specifying value domains. Additionally, ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013 provides guidelines for maintaining the consistency and quality of metadata through documentation, version control, and governance processes.

Benefits and Impact of ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013

Adopting ISO-IEC 11179-3:2013 offers numerous benefits to organizations involved in managing large volumes of data. By standardizing the representation and management of metadata, it becomes easier to share and integrate information across different platforms and systems. This helps in improving data quality, facilitating data exchange, and reducing redundancy and inconsistency in information infrastructure.


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