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What is BS EN ISO 24444:2014?


BS EN ISO 24444:2014 is a technical standard that outlines the requirements for writing in-depth technical articles. This standard provides guidelines on various aspects of technical writing, including formatting, structure, and content. It aims to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency in technical documents.


The standard emphasizes the importance of well-structured content. A technical article should have a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion. It should also include headings and subheadings to help readers navigate through the document easily.

In terms of language and style, BS EN ISO 24444:2014 encourages the use of plain language, avoiding complex jargon and technical terms whenever possible. The goal is to make the content accessible to a wide audience without compromising its technical accuracy.

Another aspect highlighted by the standard is the use of visuals to enhance understanding. Diagrams, charts, and illustrations can be used to explain complex concepts or processes more effectively. It is essential to provide clear captions and references for all visual elements used in the article.

Formatting and Citations

The standard provides specific guidelines on formatting elements such as fonts, spacing, and page layout. Consistency in formatting ensures a professional appearance and makes the document easier to read.

When referencing external sources, BS EN ISO 24444:2014 requires authors to follow a standardized citation style, such as APA or MLA. Proper citations acknowledge the contributions of others and allow readers to verify the information presented in the article.


BS EN ISO 24444:2014 sets the standards for writing in-depth technical articles. By adhering to these guidelines, authors can produce well-structured and accurate content that is accessible to a wider audience. Proper formatting and citation practices further enhance the quality and credibility of the article.

When writing a technical article, it is crucial to prioritize clarity and accuracy above all else. By following the principles outlined in BS EN ISO 24444:2014, authors can create articles that effectively communicate complex technical information while remaining reader-friendly.


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