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What is BS EN ISO 12952-5:2011?

BS EN ISO 12952-5:2011 is a technical standard that specifically addresses the flammability requirements for upholstered furniture and bedding. It provides guidelines and testing methods to assess the resistance of these products to fire, ensuring their safety in case of a fire incident.

Understanding the Scope of the Standard

This standard focuses on the determination of the ignition resistance of upholstered furniture and bedding when exposed to a small ignition source. It applies to materials such as foams, waddings, and upholstered fabrics used in furniture and bedding construction.

By setting minimum performance requirements, BS EN ISO 12952-5:2011 aims to minimize the risk of fire accidents caused by upholstery and bedding, providing consumers with peace of mind when using these products.

The Testing Procedures

The standard outlines various testing procedures that manufacturers and retailers can use to evaluate the fire behavior of upholstered furniture and bedding. These tests include the cigarette test, match flame equivalent test, and smoldering cigarette test.

These tests assess factors such as ignitability, flame spread, heat release, and smoke production. They are designed to replicate real-life fire scenarios and ensure that the materials used in furniture and bedding comply with safety regulations.

Ensuring Compliance with BS EN ISO 12952-5:2011

Manufacturers and suppliers must adhere to the guidelines set forth in BS EN ISO 12952-5:2011 to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. By following the testing procedures specified by the standard, they can confirm that their products meet the required flammability standards.

In addition, retailers should ensure that the upholstered furniture and bedding they sell have been tested and labeled accordingly. This labeling provides consumers with information about the flammability characteristics of the product, enabling them to make informed decisions for their safety.

By prioritizing compliance with BS EN ISO 12952-5:2011, stakeholders across the supply chain can contribute to reducing the risk of fire accidents associated with upholstered furniture and bedding.


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