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What is EN 60027-1:2018 ?

Title: Understanding EN 60027-1:2018: The Ultimate Guide for Electrical Technology

EN 60027-1:2018 is an essential standard for all electrical professionals. It is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and defines the letter symbols to be used in electrical technology. This standard provides a comprehensive list of symbols for quantities, units, and mathematical signs relevant to the field.

Importance of EN 60027-1:2018:

EN 60027-1:2018 is a crucial standard that provides guidelines for using symbols in various applications within electrical technology. The standard covers a wide range of quantities such as electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal properties. It also includes symbols for units, prefixes, and mathematical operations.

One key feature of this standard is its hierarchical structure. Symbols are organized into families and sub-families, making it easier to navigate and find the appropriate symbol based on its category. This hierarchical approach helps professionals identify and select symbols quickly and accurately.

Implementation of EN 60027-1:2018:

Implementing EN 60027-1:2018 is essential for organizations involved in electrical technology. Professionals need to fully understand and adhere to the guidelines provided in this standard to ensure consistent and accurate communication.

Training programs, workshops, and documentation should be developed and conducted to educate staff about the usage of symbols according to EN 60027-1:201Additionally, software used for technical drawings and diagrams should incorporate the symbol set defined by EN 60027-1:2018.


In conclusion, EN 60027-1:2018 is a critical standard for all electrical professionals. It is essential to understand and implement this standard to ensure accurate and consistent communication. By adhering to the guidelines provided in EN 60027-1:2018, professionals can easily access and utilize the appropriate symbols during their work.


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