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What is EN 50366

EN50366 is a technical specification that outlines the requirements and test methods for power cables used in electric bicycles. It provides guidelines for manufacturers to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of these cables.

Importance of EN50366

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly transportation option. With the growth of this industry, it is crucial to have standards in place to guarantee the safety of the riders. EN50366 plays a vital role in ensuring that the power cables used in electric bicycles meet specific quality and safety standards.

One of the primary reasons why EN50366 is essential is to prevent electrical malfunctions and accidents. Electric bicycles rely on power cables to transfer electricity from the battery to various components such as the motor and lights. Faulty cables can lead to short circuits or overheating, posing significant risks to the rider and the bike.

Complying with EN50366 also helps manufacturers build trust and confidence among consumers. When customers see that a product meets recognized safety standards, they feel more assured about its reliability and quality. This, in turn, leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Key Elements of EN50366

EN50366 specifies various parameters and test methods that power cables for electric bicycles should adhere to. Some of the key elements include:

Insulation resistance: The cable's insulation should have a minimum resistance to ensure proper insulation and prevent leakage of current.

Mechanical strength: The cable should be able to withstand bending, twisting, and other mechanical stresses encountered during normal use.

Resistance to environmental factors: The cable should be resistant to factors such as moisture, heat, and chemicals commonly found in outdoor environments.

Current carrying capacity: The cable should be designed to handle the maximum current required by the electric bicycle's motor and other components.

Manufacturers are required to subject their cables to rigorous testing procedures to ensure compliance with these elements. This includes tests such as voltage withstand, flame resistance, and temperature cycling tests.


EN50366 is a crucial standard that ensures power cables used in electric bicycles meet specific safety and performance requirements. By complying with EN50366, manufacturers can improve the overall quality of their products and instill confidence in consumers. As electric bicycles continue to gain popularity, adhering to such standards becomes even more critical for the safety and satisfaction of riders.


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