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What is ISO 24635:2012?

ISO 24635:2012 is a technical standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which provides guidelines and requirements for the establishment and maintenance of forensic information management systems. This standard aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of forensic processes, including the handling, storage, analysis, and sharing of forensic information.

The Importance of ISO 24635:2012

Forensic information management plays a crucial role in modern criminal investigations and judicial proceedings. The accurate and secure management of forensic data is vital for ensuring the integrity and reliability of evidence. ISO 24635:2012 serves as a comprehensive framework that helps forensic organizations streamline their operations and adhere to international best practices.

This standard covers various aspects of forensic information management, such as data capture, storage, retrieval, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. It also addresses issues related to data security, quality assurance, interoperability, and information exchange among different forensic entities.

Key Features and Benefits

ISO 24635:2012 incorporates several key features that make it an invaluable tool for forensic practitioners and organizations:

Compatibility: The standard is designed to be compatible with existing national and international standards, ensuring seamless integration with other forensic systems.

Data Integrity: ISO 24635:2012 emphasizes the importance of maintaining data integrity throughout the entire forensic process. It provides guidance on data validation, preservation, and protection against tampering or unauthorized access.

Efficiency and Accuracy: By following the guidelines outlined in ISO 24635:2012, forensic laboratories can enhance their operational efficiency and accuracy. Standardized workflows and procedures lead to quicker and more reliable results.

Interoperability: The standard promotes interoperability between different forensic entities, allowing seamless information exchange and collaboration. This facilitates the sharing of resources, expertise, and data among national and international agencies.


ISO 24635:2012 is a vital standard in the field of forensic science. Its comprehensive guidelines and requirements contribute to the improvement of forensic information management systems worldwide. By adhering to this standard, forensic organizations can enhance their operational efficiency, reliability, and data security, ultimately leading to more effective criminal investigations and improved administration of justice.


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