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What is UL 60335-2-426?

UL 60335-2-426 is a technical standard that specifies safety requirements and test methods for solar toys. This standard was developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent global safety certification company. Solar toys are battery-powered toys that utilize solar energy to generate electricity or recharge their batteries.

The Importance of UL 60335-2-426

UL 60335-2-426 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of solar toys. Solar toys often contain photovoltaic cells, electrical components, and rechargeable batteries. Without proper safety standards, there may be risks of electric shock, fire hazards, or other accidents associated with these toys.

UL 60335-2-426 addresses various safety aspects, such as insulation requirements, protection against electric shock, mechanical hazards, and temperature limits. The standard also covers potential dangers related to battery charging, discharge, and short-circuits. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can demonstrate that their solar toys are safe for use.

Testing and Certification Process

Before a solar toy can be sold on the market, it must undergo testing and obtain UL certification. The testing process involves subjecting the toy to various conditions and scenarios to assess its compliance with UL 60335-2-426.

During the testing, the toy's construction, components, and materials are evaluated to ensure they meet the required safety criteria. Additionally, performance tests are conducted to assess the toy's electrical and mechanical characteristics, stability, and resistance to environmental factors.

Once a solar toy successfully passes all the necessary tests, the manufacturer can apply for UL certification. This certification indicates that the toy meets the safety requirements outlined in UL 60335-2-426 and can be confidently marketed and sold to consumers.


UL 60335-2-426 is an essential technical standard that promotes the safety of solar toys. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products are free from potential hazards related to electrical components, batteries, and charging systems. Consumers can also have peace of mind knowing that UL-certified solar toys have undergone thorough testing and meet strict safety criteria. This standard serves as a foundation for creating safer and more reliable solar-powered toys in the market.


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