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What is ISO 13655-2016?


ISO 13655-2016 is an international standard that specifies the measurement and calculation of colorimetric and spectral data for reflective and transmissive media. This technical article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of ISO 13655-2016, its significance, and applications.

Key Features of ISO 13655-2016

ISO 13655-2016 defines the parameters for spectrophotometric measurements, including spectral power distribution, reflectance factor, and colorimetric values. It also establishes the measurement conditions and geometries to ensure accurate and consistent results.

The standard introduces the use of different measurement techniques such as diffuse/8° geometry and specular/excluded geometry, allowing for flexibility based on the specific requirements of the application. Additionally, it provides guidelines for instrument calibration and measurement uncertainty estimation.

Importance of ISO 13655-2016 in Various Industries

ISO 13655-2016 plays a vital role in multiple industries where accurate colorimetric data is crucial. Here are some notable applications:

Printing and Packaging

In the printing and packaging industry, ISO 13655-2016 ensures consistent color reproduction across various substrates. By adhering to this standard, printers can accurately match colors and minimize color deviations, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved brand reputation.

Textile and Apparel

For textile and apparel manufacturers, ISO 13655-2016 helps maintain color consistency during production and quality control processes. By using reliable spectrophotometers and following the standard's guidelines, companies can meet customers' color expectations and reduce rejects due to color mismatches.

Paint and Coatings

ISO 13655-2016 is essential in the paint and coatings industry, enabling precise color matching and formulation. Manufacturers rely on this standard to create consistent color swatches and reference standards, ensuring color accuracy throughout the production process.


ISO 13655-2016 is a fundamental standard for colorimetric and spectral measurements. Its guidelines for instrument calibration and measurement conditions ensure accurate and reliable results in various industries, including printing, textiles, and paint. By following this standard, companies can achieve better color consistency, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve their overall quality control processes.


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