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What is EN ISO 10007:2018

EN ISO 10007:2018 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines for configuration management in organizations. It outlines the requirements and recommendations for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving a configuration management system.

Importance of Configuration Management

Configuration management is essential for ensuring the consistency, accuracy, and integrity of products and services throughout their lifecycle. It involves identifying and documenting the functional and physical characteristics of a system, controlling changes to these characteristics, and recording and reporting on the status of configuration items.

Effective configuration management helps organizations to:

Ensure product and service quality

Minimize costly errors and reworks

Facilitate effective stakeholder communication

Improve traceability and accountability

Support decision making and risk management

Key Principles and Requirements

EN ISO 10007:2018 outlines several key principles and requirements for successful configuration management:

1. Configuration Identification

This involves uniquely identifying and defining the various configuration items within a system or project. Each item should have a unique identifier and clear documentation specifying its characteristics.

2. Change Control

Change control refers to the process of managing proposed changes to configuration items. It requires assessing and evaluating the impact of changes, obtaining necessary approvals, and implementing changes while minimizing disruption to existing configuration items.

3. Configuration Status Accounting

Configuration status accounting involves keeping accurate records of the status and history of configuration items throughout their lifecycle. This includes recording information such as version numbers, revisions, and related documentation.

4. Configuration Audit

Auditing is an essential part of configuration management to ensure that the established processes and procedures are being followed correctly. It involves reviewing and verifying the conformity of configuration items, identifying non-compliance, and taking necessary corrective actions.

Implementing EN ISO 10007:2018

Organizations can implement EN ISO 10007:2018 by following these steps:

Understand the requirements of the standard.

Assess the organization's current configuration management practices.

Create a configuration management plan based on the standard's guidelines.

Implement the plan, including training employees and establishing necessary tools and systems.

Maintain and continuously improve the configuration management system through regular reviews, audits, and updates.

By implementing EN ISO 10007:2018, organizations can enhance their configuration management practices, minimize risks, and optimize the quality and consistency of their products and services.

In conclusion, EN ISO 10007:2018 provides comprehensive guidance for implementing effective configuration management in organizations. It emphasizes the importance of identifying, controlling, and recording changes to configuration items throughout their lifecycle. By following the standard's principles and requirements, organizations can achieve greater consistency, traceability, and accountability in their products and services.


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