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What is DIN en 60947?

DIN EN 60947 refers to a set of international standards that regulate the safety and performance requirements for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. These standards are developed and maintained by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) through its Technical Committee TC 121.

The Importance of DIN EN 60947

Compliance with DIN EN 60947 is crucial for manufacturers, installers, and users of low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. Adhering to these standards ensures that electrical equipment operates safely, reliably, and according to specifications. It provides guidance on various aspects, including electrical ratings, clearances, creepage distances, temperature rise limits, durability, and mechanical properties.

DIN EN 60947 Standards

DIN EN 60947 consists of several parts, each addressing specific areas of low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. Here are some key parts of the standards:

Part 1: General Rules

This part covers general definitions, purpose, and scope of the DIN EN 60947 series. It also defines the necessary terminology and classifications used throughout the standards.

Part 2: Circuit-Breakers

This part focuses on circuit-breakers used in low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. It specifies the characteristics, testing methods, and performance requirements for different types of circuit-breakers, such as molded-case circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, and residual current-operated circuit-breakers.

Part 3: Switches, Disconnectors, and Switch-Disconnectors

This part deals with switches, disconnectors, and switch-disconnectors used in low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. It covers the requirements for their construction, performance, and testing procedures.

Part 4: Contactors and Motor-Starters

Part 4 of DIN EN 60947 pertains to contactors and motor-starters. It specifies the characteristics, ratings, and performance requirements for these devices to ensure their safe and reliable operation.

In conclusion, DIN EN 60947 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and performance of low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. By adhering to these international standards, manufacturers, installers, and users can have confidence in the quality and reliability of electrical equipment.


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