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What is EN ISO 15664:2019?

EN ISO 15664:2019 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for writing professional technical articles. It encompasses various aspects of technical writing, including content structure, formatting, language usage, and citation methods. This standard serves as a benchmark for organizations and individuals involved in creating technical documentation, ensuring consistency and quality across different fields and industries.

Content Structure

One of the key elements emphasized by EN ISO 15664:2019 is the importance of a well-organized content structure. Technical articles should have clear sections and headings, enabling readers to navigate through the document easily. By using appropriate headings, such as Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion, the article becomes more approachable and digestible. A logical flow not only improves comprehension but also facilitates future references and citations.

Formatting and Language Usage

In addition to content structure, EN ISO 15664:2019 emphasizes the use of consistent formatting and appropriate language. Consistency in font type, size, and style throughout the article enhances readability and professionalism. It is also essential to use accurate and precise terminology, avoiding jargon or ambiguous expressions. Furthermore, adhering to proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules ensures clarity and credibility.

Citation and References

EN ISO 15664:2019 provides guidelines for citing and referencing external sources in technical articles. Proper citation enables readers to verify the claims and findings presented in the article and gives credit to the original authors. The standard recommends using standardized citation styles, such as APA or IEEE, to ensure uniformity across technical publications. Additionally, a clear list of references at the end of the article allows readers to locate and delve deeper into the cited sources.


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