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What is EN 61557-2-2020?

EN 61557-2-2020 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for testing and measuring equipment used for electrical safety purposes. This standard is part of the EN 61557 series, which covers a range of equipment and procedures for ensuring the safety and performance of electrical installations.

Importance of EN 61557-2-2020

The EN 61557-2-2020 standard plays a crucial role in maintaining electrical safety in various industries and settings. It provides guidelines for the proper testing and measurement of electrical installations' safety parameters, including voltage, current, resistance, insulation, and continuity. Adhering to this standard helps prevent accidents, electrical fires, and other hazards caused by faulty electrical systems.

Key Requirements of EN 61557-2-2020

EN 61557-2-2020 outlines specific requirements for testing and measuring equipment used in electrical safety inspections. Some of the key requirements include instrument accuracy, measurement ranges, test voltages, and evaluation methods. The standard also addresses issues such as instrument calibration, environmental conditions during testing, and documentation of test results.

Impact on Industrial Safety

EN 61557-2-2020 has a significant impact on industrial safety by ensuring that electrical installations comply with necessary safety standards. By using qualified and calibrated testing equipment that meets the requirements of this standard, industries can identify potential electrical safety risks and take appropriate preventive measures. Compliance with EN 61557-2-2020 demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe working environment for employees and reducing the risk of electrical accidents.


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