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What is UL 61?

UL 61 is a widely recognized standard in the electrical industry. It sets the requirements for flexible cords and cables, including their construction, insulation, and performance characteristics. Compliance with UL 61 ensures that these products are safe to use and meet the necessary standards for electrical installations.

Construction and Materials

Flexible cords and cables regulated by UL 61 consist of conductor(s) surrounded by various layers of materials. The conductors carry electric current, while the other components provide insulation, protection, and strength. The standard specifies the type and thickness of each layer, ensuring durability and safety.

Furthermore, UL 61 outlines specific requirements for different types of cords and cables. For instance, extension cords have different construction and performance criteria compared to appliance cords. This ensures that each product is designed and manufactured to meet its intended purpose, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards.

Insulation and Performance

Insulation is a critical aspect of flexible cords and cables. UL 61 mandates the use of suitable insulation materials to prevent current leakage and protect against shocks and short circuits. The standard specifies minimum insulation thicknesses, as well as voltage and temperature ratings, to ensure safe operation under various conditions.

Moreover, UL 61 also sets requirements for cord flexibility, resistance to abrasion, and flame resistance. These factors are important to consider, particularly in environments where cords may be subjected to bending, stretching, or exposure to heat sources. Compliance with UL 61 guarantees that the cables can withstand these challenges without compromising safety.

Testing and Certification

To determine compliance with UL 61, manufacturers undergo rigorous testing procedures. These tests evaluate factors such as insulation integrity, conductor resistance, flammability, and mechanical strength. Only products that pass these tests receive UL 61 certification, indicating their adherence to the standard's safety requirements.

It is important for electrical contractors, installers, and end-users to verify that cords and cables have the UL 61 mark before using them. This ensures that the products have undergone proper testing and meet the necessary safety standards. Additionally, regular inspections and maintenance of these cords and cables help ensure their continued safe use.


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