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What is IEC 62755 Ed.1.0?


IEC 62755 Ed.1.0 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for writing professional technical articles. It helps authors to produce high-quality content with clear and concise information, ensuring that the intended audience can easily understand the technical concepts being discussed.

The Purpose of IEC 62755 Ed.1.0

The main objective of this standard is to establish a uniform framework for technical writers, enabling them to create consistent and reliable technical articles. By following the guidelines set forth in IEC 62755 Ed.1.0, authors can enhance the clarity, readability, and overall effectiveness of their work.

This standard covers various aspects of article writing, including structure, language usage, graphical representation, and citation guidelines. It provides recommendations for organizing the content in a logical order, using appropriate terminology and symbols, and presenting data and figures effectively.

The Benefits of Following IEC 62755 Ed.1.0

Adhering to IEC 62755 Ed.1.0 brings several advantages to both technical writers and their readers. Firstly, it ensures consistency across articles, making it easier for readers to navigate and understand different pieces of technical information.

Furthermore, this standard helps authors avoid common errors and pitfalls, such as ambiguity, excessive jargon, or inadequate descriptions. By providing clear guidelines on language use and presentation, it improves the overall quality of technical articles and reduces misunderstandings.

Additionally, following IEC 62755 Ed.1.0 establishes a professional image for authors and organizations alike. Consistently producing well-written articles demonstrates expertise, professionalism, and a commitment to delivering accurate and reliable technical content.


IEC 62755 Ed.1.0 is a valuable resource for technical writers, offering guidelines and requirements to produce professional technical articles. By following this standard, authors can enhance the clarity, consistency, and overall quality of their work, ensuring that readers can easily understand and apply the information provided. Adhering to IEC 62755 Ed.1.0 establishes a professional image and fosters trust among readers, positioning authors as reliable sources of technical knowledge.


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