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What is UL 496C?


UL 496C is a set of technical standards developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety consulting and certification company. It specifically relates to the requirements for lampholders, or more commonly known as light bulb sockets. The UL 496C standard ensures the safety and quality of these electrical components used in various lighting systems.

The Purpose of UL 496C

The primary purpose of UL 496C is to establish guidelines and testing procedures that ensure the safe use and installation of lampholders. These standards cover aspects such as electrical performance, mechanical strength, temperature ratings, and fire resistance. Compliance with UL 496C ensures that lampholders meet the necessary safety requirements to prevent electrical shock, fire hazards, and other potential risks associated with lighting fixtures.

Key Requirements of UL 496C

UL 496C sets out specific requirements that manufacturers must adhere to while designing and manufacturing lampholders. Some key requirements include voltage and maximum current ratings, material specifications, dimensional tolerances, compatibility with different lamp types, and provisions for grounding. These requirements are essential to ensure compatibility, proper functioning, and longevity of lampholders across different lighting applications.

Benefits of UL 496C Compliance

Compliance with UL 496C provides several benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers can differentiate their products by affixing the recognized UL mark, which demonstrates compliance with rigorous safety standards. This certification strengthens consumer confidence in the product's safety and quality. For consumers, products with UL 496C compliance offer peace of mind, knowing that they are purchasing electrical components that have undergone thorough testing and are deemed safe for use.


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