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What is ISO 20588:2017?

ISO 20588:2017 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the development, implementation, and maintenance of document management systems. It specifies the requirements for the creation, control, and retention of electronic documents in an organization.

Benefits of ISO 20588:2017

Implementing ISO 20588:2017 can offer several benefits to organizations. Firstly, it promotes efficient documentation processes by ensuring proper version control, document storage, and retrieval. This leads to improved productivity and reduced errors due to outdated or incorrect information. Additionally, the standard helps organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements related to document management.

Furthermore, ISO 20588:2017 supports collaboration and knowledge sharing within an organization. By implementing standardized document management practices, employees can easily access and share information, leading to improved decision-making and problem-solving.

Key Elements of ISO 20588:2017

ISO 20588:2017 defines several key elements that organizations should consider when developing a document management system. It emphasizes the importance of document control, including the identification, approval, and release of documents. Additionally, the standard highlights the need for document accessibility, ensuring that authorized individuals can retrieve and use documents efficiently.

The standard also addresses the issue of document retention, specifying requirements for the preservation and disposal of records. This ensures that organizations retain important documents for the required duration and dispose of them appropriately when they are no longer needed.

Implementation of ISO 20588:2017

Implementing ISO 20588:2017 requires a systematic approach. Organizations should start by conducting a thorough assessment of their existing document management processes and identifying areas for improvement. Based on this assessment, a plan can be developed to implement the necessary changes.

Training and awareness programs are crucial for successful implementation. Employees should be educated about the requirements of ISO 20588:2017 and trained on how to use the document management system effectively. Regular audits and reviews should also be conducted to ensure compliance and identify any areas that need further improvement.

In conclusion, ISO 20588:2017 provides organizations with guidelines on how to establish and maintain an effective document management system. By implementing this standard, organizations can benefit from improved efficiency, compliance with legal requirements, enhanced collaboration, and better decision-making processes.


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