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What is BS EN ISO 30317:2019

BS EN ISO 30317:2019 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and recommendations for the documentation of information in engineering drawings, specifically in relation to geometrical tolerancing. This international standard outlines the principles and rules for expressing and interpreting tolerances.

Understanding Geometrical Tolerancing

Geometrical tolerancing is an essential part of engineering design and manufacturing. It involves specifying the allowable variations in form, size, orientation, and location of features on a physical component or assembly. These tolerances ensure that the parts will fit together properly, meet functional requirements, and function within acceptable limits.

Geometrical tolerancing uses symbols, datum references, and specific dimensions to define the allowable variations. The use of BS EN ISO 30317:2019 helps ensure that these specifications are documented consistently and clearly, reducing misunderstandings and errors in communication between designers, manufacturers, and inspectors.

Benefits of Using BS EN ISO 30317:2019

Implementing BS EN ISO 30317:2019 offers several advantages for design and manufacturing processes:

1. Improved Communication: By using standardized symbols and conventions, BS EN ISO 30317:2019 facilitates efficient and accurate communication of tolerances and specifications. This ensures that everyone involved understands the requirements, resulting in fewer mistakes and rework.

2. Enhancements in Quality Control: The standard provides clear guidelines for inspection methods, enabling manufacturers to evaluate whether a component meets the specified tolerances. This reduces the likelihood of non-conforming products reaching the market, improving overall product quality.

3. Cost Reduction: BS EN ISO 30317:2019 helps prevent over-specification, as designers and engineers can accurately define the necessary tolerances without requiring unnecessary precision. This leads to cost savings in manufacturing, as well as reduces the overall time required for production.


BS EN ISO 30317:2019 is an important standard that enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of geometrical tolerancing for engineering drawings. By providing clear guidelines and recommendations, it facilitates improved communication, quality control, and cost reduction in design and manufacturing processes. Implementing this standard contributes to the overall efficiency and success of engineering projects.


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