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What is BS EN 16704: 2020 ?

Title: What is BS EN 16704: 2020? A Comprehensive Guide to Eye Protection Standards

The year 2020 has seen a rapid acceleration in the evolution of technology, and the field of PPE has not been left behind. As workers become increasingly reliant on personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard themselves from various hazards, the importance of ensuring that PPE meets the necessary standards and regulations becomes even more critical. One of the most significant eye protection standards of the 21st century is BS EN 166: 2020. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of this important standard and its implications for PPE manufacturers and users alike.

Meaning and Purpose of BS EN 166: 2020:

BS EN 166: 2020 is a British Standard that outlines the specifications and testing methods for personal eye protectors. It is designed to ensure that eye protectors meet specific criteria for safety, sustainability, and efficiency. The standard is divided into six parts, each covering a different aspect of eye protection. These parts include requirements for materials, testing procedures, and marking and labeling.

Key Elements of BS EN 166: 2020:

Field of Vision:

BS EN 166: 2020 defines the field of vision as the area of the eye where the wearer of the eye protector should have full or partial vision. This is an essential parameter that manufacturers must ensure meets their product's specific requirements.

Optical Characteristics:

BS EN 166: 2020 specifies the optical characteristics of eye protectors, including the refractive index, transmission coefficient, and optical density. These parameters determine the degree to which light is transmitted through the eye protectors and the level of protection it offers to the wearer.

Resistance to Ignition:

BS EN 166: 2020 requires eye protectors to have resistance to ignition, which is critical for preventing eye injuries caused by electrical fires or other sources of heat.


BS EN 166: 2020 calls for eye protectors to be robust and capable of withstanding various tests, such as the impact on the wearer's head or the exposure to various chemicals.

Compatibility with Other PPE:

BS EN 166: 2020 specifies that eye protectors should be compatible with other types of PPE, such as face masks or helmets, to ensure consistency and ease of use.


BS EN 166: 2020 outlines the testing procedures that manufacturers must follow to ensure that their eye protectors meet the required specifications. These tests include visual testing, weathering testing, and thermal testing.

Marking and Labeling:

BS EN 166: 2020 specifies the marking and labeling requirements for eye protectors, including the use of symbols, text, and other visual elements to convey relevant information about the product's capabilities and limitations.

Overview of BS EN 166: 2020:

BS EN 166: 2020 is a European standard that applies to all types of personal eye protectors used for general occupational applications. It outlines the specifications and testing methods for these eye protectors, ensuring that they meet specific criteria for safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

BS EN 166: 2020 is an essential standard for PPE manufacturers, as it helps ensure that their products meet the necessary safety standards. It also gives users peace of mind, knowing that the PPE they wear is compliant with relevant regulations and standards.


In conclusion, BS EN 166: 2020 is a critical standard for PPE manufacturers and users alike. By ensuring that their eye protectors meet the necessary criteria outlined in this standard, manufacturers can differentiate themselves from competitors and provide their customers with the assurance they need. As the use of personal protective equipment continues to grow, the importance of staying compliant with eye protection regulations cannot be overstated


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