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What is ASTM E136

In the realm of fire safety and building materials, standards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of people and property. One such standard that is widely recognized and followed is ASTM E136. In this article, we will delve into what ASTM E136 entails and its significance in the construction industry.

Fire Resistance Testing

ASTM E136 is a standard test method used to determine the combustibility of materials when exposed to heat and flame. It specifically evaluates the performance of materials in resisting fire spread and preventing the generation of toxic gases. The aim is to provide an objective measure of a material's ability to withstand fire and assist in determining its suitability for use in various applications.

Procedure and Criteria

The test procedure involves subjecting a test specimen to a controlled furnace set to a specific temperature for a defined period of time. The criteria for a material to be considered non-combustible according to ASTM E136 are as follows:

The specimen must not exhibit any signs of flaming combustion or glow beyond a certain threshold.

No flaming particles should fall from the specimen during the exposure to the test conditions.

The total weight loss after the test should be within an allowable range.

Importance and Applications

ASTM E136 is significant in several areas of the construction industry. It ensures the safety of building occupants by providing reliable information about the fire resistance of various materials. This helps architects, engineers, and contractors make informed decisions regarding material selection, design, and construction practices. ASTM E136 compliance also guarantees regulatory compliance, especially in environments where strict fire safety regulations are mandated.

Materials that typically undergo ASTM E136 testing include but are not limited to:

Masonry materials such as bricks and blocks

Concrete products

Fire-resistant insulation materials

Metallic building components

Refractory materials

In conclusion, ASTM E136 is an essential standard that evaluates the fire resistance of materials. Its use in various industries, especially construction, ensures the safety and well-being of individuals. Compliance with this standard helps make informed decisions regarding material selection and promotes the overall fire safety of buildings.


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