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What is BS EN ISO 11117:2011?


BS EN ISO 11117:2011 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the design, installation, and maintenance of safety devices in compressed air systems. Safety is paramount when it comes to working with high-pressure environments, and this standard sets the industry benchmark for ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

Understanding the Standard

The BS EN ISO 11117:2011 standard encompasses various aspects related to safety in compressed air systems. It covers topics such as pressure relief devices, pressure control valves, and testing procedures. This comprehensive standard ensures that all necessary safety measures are in place to prevent accidents and potential damage caused by high-pressure air systems.

Key Components of the Standard

One of the essential components of the BS EN ISO 11117:2011 standard is the requirement for pressure relief devices. These devices play a crucial role in preventing overpressure situations by relieving excess pressure from the system. They are designed to open at a predetermined pressure level and vent the compressed air safely into the atmosphere.

The standard also emphasizes the importance of pressure control valves. These valves help regulate and maintain the desired operating pressure within the system. They ensure that the pressure remains within safe limits and prevent any potentially dangerous fluctuations that could compromise the integrity of the system or cause harm to personnel.

Benefits and Compliance

Adhering to the BS EN ISO 11117:2011 standard offers numerous benefits to both businesses and individuals. Firstly, it significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with high-pressure air systems. Secondly, compliance with this standard demonstrates a commitment to safety, which can enhance the reputation and credibility of businesses in the industry.

By following the guidelines provided by BS EN ISO 11117:2011, businesses can ensure that their equipment is properly designed and maintained. This leads to improved reliability and longevity of the compressed air systems. Additionally, compliance ensures that businesses are up to date with the latest safety practices and industry standards.


In conclusion, BS EN ISO 11117:2011 is a crucial standard for ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in high-pressure environments. It provides comprehensive guidelines for the design, installation, and maintenance of safety devices in compressed air systems. Adhering to this standard not only minimizes the risk of accidents but also demonstrates a commitment to safety and quality within the industry.


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