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What is BS EN 62680-27:2018?

BS EN 62680-27:2018 is a technical document that provides guidelines for the design, development, and implementation of communication protocols used in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This standard aims to ensure interoperability and compatibility among different charging systems, enhancing the convenience and reliability of electric vehicle charging.

Importance of BS EN 62680-27:2018

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity worldwide as a sustainable transportation solution. However, one of the critical challenges is establishing a standardized and efficient charging infrastructure. BS EN 62680-27:2018 plays a crucial role in addressing this challenge by providing a common framework for communication between the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and the electric vehicle (EV).

The standard defines communication protocols, data formats, and message sequences that enable effective coordination between the charging equipment and the electric vehicle. By following these guidelines, manufacturers can ensure that their charging stations are compatible with different models of electric vehicles, thus promoting widespread EV adoption.

Key features of BS EN 62680-27:2018

1. Interoperability: The standard ensures that EVSEs and EVs from different manufacturers can communicate effectively, regardless of their underlying technology or brand. This promotes competition and enables users to access charging services across diverse locations and charger providers.

2. Plug-and-Charge: BS EN 62680-27:2018 introduces the concept of "plug-and-charge," simplifying the charging process for users. With plug-and-charge, authentication and billing processes are automated, eliminating the need for separate RFID cards or smartphone applications. Users can simply plug in their electric vehicles, and the charging session will commence automatically.

3. Smart Metering: The standard includes provisions for advanced metering functionalities, allowing for accurate measurement of energy consumption during the charging process. This enables transparent billing and facilitates load management, ensuring the efficient use of electrical infrastructure.


BS EN 62680-27:2018 serves as a crucial foundation for the development of a standardized and interoperable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. By following the guidelines outlined in this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their charging stations are compatible with various electric vehicle models, promoting seamless charging experiences and facilitating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles worldwide.


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