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What is BS EN ISO 13655:2010?

BS EN ISO 13655:2010 is a technical standard that sets out the spectrophotometric measurement of colorimetric characteristics of graphic arts images. It provides guidelines for accurately measuring colorimetric properties of printed materials, ensuring consistency and quality across different printing processes and substrates.

Importance of BS EN ISO 13655:2010

This standard is crucial in the graphic arts industry as it allows for precise color measurement and analysis. With the use of spectrophotometers, which are devices capable of measuring spectral reflectance, printers and manufacturers can ensure that printed materials are produced with accurate and consistent colors.

Components of BS EN ISO 13655:2010

BS EN ISO 13655:2010 defines various components related to color measurements:

Colorimetric Observers: The standard specifies color matching functions for different observers, such as CIE 1931 2-degree standard observer and CIE 1964 10-degree standard observer.

Standard Illuminants: It lays down specific illuminant conditions for color measurements, including daylight illuminants and artificial light sources.

Geometrical Conditions: The standard defines the conditions under which color measurements should be conducted, such as the size of the measuring area and the angle of illumination and observation.

Spectral Data: BS EN ISO 13655:2010 specifies the format for recording and reporting spectral data obtained during color measurement.

Benefits of BS EN ISO 13655:2010

The implementation of BS EN ISO 13655:2010 brings several benefits to the graphic arts industry:

Consistency: By adhering to this standard, printers can achieve consistent color reproduction across different printing processes and materials, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Quality Control: The precise color measurement provided by BS EN ISO 13655:2010 allows for effective quality control throughout the production process. Printers can identify and correct color variations, ensuring the final product meets the desired specifications.

Cost Savings: Accurate color measurement reduces waste and rework by minimizing color discrepancies. Printers can optimize ink usage and reduce color-related errors, leading to cost savings in the long run.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 13655:2010 plays a vital role in the graphic arts industry by providing guidelines for accurate color measurement. Its implementation ensures consistency, quality control, and cost savings. By following this standard, printers and manufacturers can achieve precise color reproduction and meet the demands of their clients effectively.


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