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What is BS EN 62841-2-1:2013?

BS EN 62841-2-1:2013 is a technical standard developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) that focuses on the safety requirements for hand-held, portable and transportable electrical machines. This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of users and preventing accidents related to these types of electrical machines.

The Scope of BS EN 62841-2-1:2013

BS EN 62841-2-1:2013 applies to electrical machines, including their accessories and attachments, which have a rated voltage not exceeding 250V for single-phase machines and 480V for other machines. It covers a wide range of portable and transportable machines, such as drills, saws, sanders, and grinders.

The standard defines various safety requirements for different aspects of these machines, including electrical hazards, mechanical hazards, and thermal hazards. It also addresses hazards related to noise and vibration, as well as the marking and provision of instructions for safe use.

Main Requirements of BS EN 62841-2-1:2013

The standard specifies several key requirements that manufacturers need to meet to ensure compliance:

Design Safety: The machines should be designed with safety in mind, considering factors like stability, durability, and ergonomic features. Adequate protection against electrical and thermal hazards should be incorporated into the design.

Electrical Safety: The machines should be built and insulated to prevent electric shocks and short circuits. Electrical connections and components should be protected against damage and misuse.

User Instructions: Clear and comprehensive instructions should be provided to users, including information on machine operation, maintenance, and safety precautions. These instructions should be easily understandable by the intended user.

Noise and Vibration: Machines should be designed and built to minimize noise and vibration levels, reducing the potential health risks to operators and bystanders.

Benefits of Compliance with BS EN 62841-2-1:2013

Compliance with BS EN 62841-2-1:2013 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and users of electrical machines. Firstly, it ensures the safety of operators, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents. Secondly, compliance enhances product quality and reliability, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, adherence to the standard helps manufacturers comply with legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties and other consequences.


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