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What is 16 CFR 1633?

16 CFR 1633 is a technical standard established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that sets guidelines for the flammability of mattresses and mattress pads. This standard helps ensure that these products meet certain safety requirements to reduce the risk of fire hazards in homes and other residential settings.

Why was 16 CFR 1633 created?

The main purpose of establishing 16 CFR 1633 was to improve the fire safety of mattresses and mattress pads. Prior to the implementation of this standard, it was found that many fires were caused by mattresses igniting easily and spreading flames rapidly. The CPSC saw the need to regulate and set minimum performance requirements for these products to enhance consumer safety.

What does 16 CFR 1633 require?

Under 16 CFR 1633, manufacturers and importers of mattresses and mattress pads must comply with specific tests and performance criteria. These tests evaluate the ability of mattresses to resist ignition from an open flame, such as a cigarette lighter or a burning match. The standard specifies the duration and intensity of the flame exposure, as well as criteria for heat release rates and smoke production.

How can consumers benefit from 16 CFR 1633?

By adhering to 16 CFR 1633, manufacturers ensure that the mattresses and mattress pads they produce are less likely to catch fire quickly and contribute to the spread of flames. This, in turn, provides consumers with greater peace of mind knowing that the products in their homes have met rigorous safety standards. It also serves as a reminder for consumers to check for the 16 CFR 1633 label when purchasing mattresses and mattress pads, indicating compliance with the flammability requirements.


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