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What is BS EN 50200:2006?


BS EN 50200:2006 is a British Standard that specifies the requirements for fire resistance of electric cables. It lays down the test methods and criteria for assessing the fire performance characteristics of these cables under simulated real-life conditions.

Testing Procedures

To determine if an electric cable meets the fire resistance requirements set by BS EN 50200:2006, it must undergo several testing procedures. These tests assess various factors including flame propagation, heat release, smoke generation, and char formation. Each factor is analyzed to ensure that the cable performs adequately in the event of a fire.

Benefits and Applications

Compliance with BS EN 50200:2006 is crucial when selecting electric cables for applications where fire safety is paramount. By using cables that meet this standard, users can minimize the risk of fires spreading rapidly and ensure the integrity of critical electrical systems. Industries such as construction, transportation, and manufacturing heavily rely on cables that conform to BS EN 50200:2006.


BS EN 50200:2006 plays a vital role in ensuring the fire resilience of electric cables. By specifying the testing procedures and performance criteria, this standard helps safeguard lives, properties, and infrastructure. Adhering to BS EN 50200:2006 provides peace of mind to both consumers and manufacturers, knowing that the cables being used are reliable and meet stringent safety requirements.


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