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What is BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018?


BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018 is a technical standard that specifically deals with the assessment and calibration of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). In this article, we will delve into the details of this standard and explore its significance in the field of dimensional metrology.


The need for accurate measurements of physical components is crucial in numerous industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. CMMs play a vital role in ensuring these measurements are precise and reliable. BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018 provides guidelines and requirements for evaluating the performance of CMMs to ensure their accuracy.

This standard is part of the ISO 10749 series, which covers various aspects related to CMMs. However, BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018 focuses specifically on the assessment of the performance of CMMs using probing systems.

Key Features

The BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018 standard introduces important concepts and methodologies for assessing CMM performance. It defines parameters such as length measurement error, probing force, and probe triggering repeatability, which are vital for evaluating the accuracy of CMMs.

The standard outlines detailed procedures for carrying out performance tests on CMMs. These tests involve the use of calibrated reference artifacts and are designed to verify the machine's ability to measure accurately under different conditions, such as varying probe orientations and contact forces.

Benefits and Applications

Compliance with BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018 helps guarantee the quality and reliability of measurements obtained from CMMs. Organizations that adhere to this standard can have confidence in the accuracy of their dimensional inspection processes, which can lead to significant cost savings and improved product quality.

This standard is applicable to a wide range of industries that rely on CMMs for dimensional analysis and quality control. Industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and medical device production can benefit greatly from conforming to BS EN ISO 10749-5:2018.


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