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What is BS EN 61373:2010?

BS EN 61373:2010 is a set of technical standards created by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the railway industry. It specifies requirements for testing the resistance of equipment used in rolling stock to certain environmental conditions, including vibration and shock.

Vibration and Shock Testing

Vibration and shock testing is crucial for ensuring the reliability and safety of equipment used in railway applications. Rolling stock is exposed to various levels of vibration and shock during operation, and it is important to ensure that the equipment can withstand these conditions without failure.

BS EN 61373 sets out specific tests to be carried out on different types of equipment such as electronic devices, cabinets, and mechanical components. These tests simulate the various environmental conditions that the equipment may encounter during its lifecycle.

During vibration testing, the equipment is subjected to controlled vibrations at specific frequencies and amplitudes. This helps assess its ability to withstand repetitive motion as well as identify any potential weaknesses or parts that may degrade over time.

Shock testing involves subjecting the equipment to sudden and intense impacts. This simulates the effects of collisions or rough handling during transport or installation. The equipment is carefully monitored to evaluate its response to these shocks and ensure its integrity is not compromised.

Benefits of BS EN 61373:2010

The implementation of BS EN 61373:2010 offers several benefits to the railway industry. First and foremost, it ensures higher levels of safety and reliability for rolling stock equipment. By subjecting the equipment to rigorous testing, any potential failures can be identified and addressed before they occur in real-world operating conditions.

Additionally, compliance with BS EN 61373:2010 helps to standardize testing procedures and requirements across the industry. This ensures that manufacturers, suppliers, and operators are all on the same page when it comes to evaluating equipment performance.

Furthermore, BS EN 61373:2010 provides a level of consistency and confidence in the quality of rolling stock equipment. This is particularly important when considering the interoperability of equipment from different manufacturers or when integrating new components into existing systems.


In conclusion, BS EN 61373:2010 sets forth essential standards for testing the resistance of rolling stock equipment to vibration and shock. By subjecting equipment to these tests, the railway industry can ensure higher levels of safety and reliability, standardize testing procedures, and maintain consistency in equipment quality. Compliance with these standards benefits both manufacturers and operators by identifying potential failures and ensuring smooth integration of equipment into existing systems.


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