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Does ISO 17025 require a quality manual?

ISO 17025 is an internationally recognized standard for testing and calibration laboratories. As laboratories strive to meet this standard, one question that often arises is whether ISO 17025 requires the use of a quality manual. In this article, we will explore the requirements of ISO 17025 and examine whether a quality manual is mandatory.

Understanding ISO 17025 requirements

ISO 17025 provides a framework for laboratories to demonstrate their competence in producing accurate and reliable results. It covers various aspects, including management requirements and technical requirements. While ISO 17025 does offer guidance on documentation, it does not explicitly state the need for a quality manual.

However, it's important to note that ISO 17025 does emphasize the importance of establishing and maintaining a quality management system (QMS). A QMS encompasses the policies, processes, and procedures required to achieve quality objectives. While the standard does not mandate a specific format or documentation structure, a quality manual can be a useful tool for documenting a laboratory's QMS.

The benefits of a quality manual

Despite ISO 17025 not explicitly requiring a quality manual, many laboratories choose to develop one as part of their QMS. Here are some benefits of having a quality manual:

1. Clarity and consistency: A quality manual can provide a clear overview of the laboratory's quality-related processes and procedures. It ensures that employees have a consistent understanding of how tasks should be performed, contributing to reliable and repeatable results.

2. Documentation of the QMS: A quality manual serves as a central document that outlines the laboratory's policies, objectives, and approaches to managing quality. It can also provide references to other relevant documentation, such as procedures or work instructions.

3. Communication tool: A quality manual can be a valuable communication tool for external stakeholders, such as customers and accreditation bodies. It demonstrates the laboratory's commitment to quality and provides transparency regarding its management system.


While ISO 17025 does not explicitly require a quality manual, it is ultimately up to each laboratory to decide whether to develop one. A quality manual can be an effective tool for documenting and communicating a laboratory's QMS. Regardless of whether a quality manual is used, it is essential for laboratories to establish and maintain a robust quality management system that aligns with the principles of ISO 17025.


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