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What is BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018?

BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018 is a comprehensive technical standard that specifically addresses the design and analysis requirements for offshore structures. This standard sets out the criteria and guidelines for the assessment, management, and safety of these structures in harsh offshore environments.

Design Principles

One of the primary objectives of BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018 is to establish design principles that ensure the structural integrity and reliability of offshore platforms. These design principles cover a wide range of factors, including loadings, materials, construction methods, and environmental considerations.


The standard provides guidance on the various types of loads that offshore structures may be subjected to, such as wave loads, wind loads, and earthquake loads. It also outlines the procedures for determining these loads based on site-specific conditions and characteristics.

Furthermore, BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018 specifies the safety factors and load combinations to be used in the design process. These factors and combinations are essential for ensuring that the offshore structures can withstand the expected loads and maintain their integrity throughout their service life.

Materials and Construction Methods

The choice of materials and construction methods plays a crucial role in the durability and long-term performance of offshore structures. BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018 provides recommendations on the selection of suitable materials, such as steel or concrete, and guidelines on their fabrication, welding, and installation.

Additionally, the standard highlights the importance of quality control and testing during the construction phase. It emphasizes the need for regular inspections, non-destructive testing, and monitoring to ensure that the structural components meet the specified requirements and maintain their integrity over time.

Environmental Considerations

Offshore structures are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including strong winds, extreme temperatures, and corrosive marine environments. BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018 addresses these considerations by providing guidance on the selection of appropriate materials and protective coatings to enhance the resistance against corrosion and other detrimental effects.

The standard also takes into account the dynamic response of offshore structures to wave and current actions, as well as ice loading in cold regions. It provides methodologies for assessing these environmental factors and designing the structures to withstand their effects without compromising safety and functionality.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 19901-1:2018 is a vital technical standard that establishes design principles, loadings, materials, and construction methods for offshore structures. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this standard, engineers and designers can ensure the structural integrity, reliability, and safety of these structures in even the harshest offshore environments.


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