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What is BS EN 15267-4:2013?

BS EN 15267-4:2013, also known as the European Standard for gas meters, is an important benchmark for the measurement of gas flow in Europe. It sets out the requirements and test methods for the performance of gas meters used for industrial and commercial applications.

The Importance of BS EN 15267-4:2013

BS EN 15267-4:2013 plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable gas metering systems. It establishes harmonized standards across Europe, enabling fair competition among manufacturers and ensuring consistent measurements for billing and trading purposes.

The standard covers a wide range of criteria, including accuracy, pressure capability, temperature range, environmental conditions, and durability. By adhering to these specifications, gas meter manufacturers can demonstrate that their products meet the required performance criteria and provide accurate readings.

Key Requirements of BS EN 15267-4:2013

The standard specifies the necessary metrological and technical requirements for gas meters. These include the maximum permissible errors, the influence quantities to be considered, and the necessary tests and verification procedures that must be performed.

One of the crucial aspects covered by the standard is the accuracy class. This defines the level of precision required from gas meters, depending on their application. Gas meters are categorized into accuracy classes A to D, with Class A being the highest level of accuracy. It is primarily used for custody transfer purposes.

BS EN 15267-4:2013 also outlines the required documentation and marking that should be provided by manufacturers. This ensures traceability and allows users to easily identify the compliance of the gas meters they are using.

Benefits and Future Developments

BS EN 15267-4:2013 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. By adhering to the standard, manufacturers can guarantee the quality and performance of their gas meters, increasing customer satisfaction and confidence in their products.

For end-users, the standard provides assurance that the gas meters they use are accurate and reliable. Accurate measurement is crucial for fair billing, reducing disputes between gas suppliers and customers.

As technology advances and new gas metering techniques emerge, BS EN 15267-4:2013 continues to evolve. The standard is periodically updated to address emerging challenges and incorporate new scientific and technological advancements. This ensures that it remains relevant and effective in regulating gas metering systems in Europe.

In conclusion, BS EN 15267-4:2013 is a vital standard that sets out the requirements and test methods for gas meters used in industrial and commercial applications across Europe. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers ensure the accuracy and reliability of their gas meters, while end-users benefit from fair billing and reliable measurements.


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