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How many amps is a 15mm wire


Electrical wires are an essential component of any electrical system, carrying current from one point to another. In this article, we will explore the topic of how many amps can be safely carried by a 15mm wire. Understanding the ampacity, or current-carrying capacity, of a wire is crucial for electrical safety and preventing overheating or potential fire hazards. Let's delve into this important technical detail.

Ampacity and Wire Diameter:

In electrical systems, ampacity refers to the maximum amount of continuous current that a wire can safely carry without exceeding its temperature rating. Wire diameter plays a vital role in determining the ampacity of a wire. The larger the diameter, the higher the ampacity. A 15mm wire usually has a specific purpose where a significant amount of current flow is required.

Standard wire sizes, often referred to as gauge sizes, determine the diameter of the wire. The American Wire Gauge (AWG) system is commonly used for this purpose. However, since you specifically mentioned a 15mm wire, it seems this wire does not conform to the standard AWG sizing. Without knowing the specific standards for the 15mm wire you referred to, it is difficult to provide an exact answer in terms of ampacity.

Safety Considerations:

When dealing with non-standard wire sizes like 15mm, it is imperative to consult the manufacturer's specifications or relevant standards to determine the appropriate ampacity for that particular wire. Working with non-standard wires may require additional precautions such as thermal calculations to ensure the wire's insulation and conductive properties are not compromised under high currents.

It's also worth noting that exceeding the recommended ampacity of a wire can lead to overheating, insulation breakdown, increased resistance, and potentially, fire hazards. Always prioritize safety by using wires that are rated for the intended current and consulting with a qualified electrical professional if you have any doubts or questions.


While we cannot provide a specific answer regarding the ampacity of a 15mm wire without additional information about its standards, it is crucial to understand the importance of wire diameter in determining its current-carrying capacity. Whenever working with non-standard wires, it is essential to refer to manufacturer specifications or applicable standards to ensure safety and prevent electrical issues. Electrical systems should always be designed and installed under the guidance of experts to ensure adherence to proper guidelines and avoid potential risks.


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