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What is BS EN 16708:2020?

BS EN 16708:2020 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the management of construction waste in Europe. This standard aims to promote sustainable construction practices by reducing the environmental impacts associated with construction waste.

The Importance of BS EN 16708:2020

In recent years, the construction industry has been facing an increasing need to address the issues related to waste generation and management. The improper handling and disposal of construction waste can have significant environmental consequences, including pollution of air, water, and soil. BS EN 16708:2020 plays a crucial role in mitigating these impacts by promoting efficient waste management practices throughout the construction life cycle.

One of the key objectives of BS EN 16708:2020 is to encourage waste prevention and reduction at the source. The standard emphasizes the importance of incorporating waste management considerations into the design and planning phase of construction projects. By doing so, it aims to minimize waste generation and maximize resource efficiency from the outset.

Key Requirements of BS EN 16708:2020

BS EN 16708:2020 outlines several requirements that construction companies need to adhere to in order to comply with the standard. These include:

1. Developing a waste management plan: Construction companies are required to create a detailed waste management plan that identifies the types and quantities of waste generated throughout the project and proposes appropriate strategies for their handling and disposal.

2. Establishing waste management procedures: The standard requires construction companies to establish proper procedures for collecting, sorting, and storing different types of construction waste on-site. It also highlights the importance of segregating hazardous waste from non-hazardous waste.

3. Ensuring legal compliance: BS EN 16708:2020 emphasizes the importance of complying with local and national waste management regulations. Construction companies must ensure that they are aware of the legal requirements and obtain the necessary permits and licenses for waste disposal.

The Benefits of Implementing BS EN 16708:2020

By adhering to the guidelines and requirements of BS EN 16708:2020, construction companies can reap several benefits. Firstly, it helps them minimize waste generation and reduce associated disposal costs. Secondly, by implementing efficient waste management practices, companies can enhance their reputation and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, BS EN 16708:2020 fosters innovation and stimulates the development of new technologies and methods for waste reduction and recycling in the construction industry. It encourages collaboration between different stakeholders, including designers, contractors, and waste management service providers, promoting a more integrated and holistic approach to waste management.

In conclusion, BS EN 16708:2020 is a vital standard that aims to improve the management of construction waste in Europe. By adhering to its guidelines and requirements, construction companies can contribute to sustainable development by reducing environmental impacts and optimizing resource efficiency throughout the construction life cycle.


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