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What is BS EN ISO 4505:2013?

BS EN ISO 4505:2013 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) used in firefighting. It provides guidelines for the design, testing, and certification of firefighting gloves.

Importance of BS EN ISO 4505:2013

Firefighting gloves play a crucial role in protecting firefighters from various hazards they encounter during their work. BS EN ISO 4505:2013 ensures that these gloves meet specific criteria to provide adequate protection. Compliance with this standard is vital as it assures users that the PPE they use has undergone thorough testing and meets the required safety standards.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 4505:2013

1. Physical Properties: The standard outlines the physical properties that firefighting gloves must possess, such as resistance to flame, abrasion, tearing, and punctures. These properties are essential to ensure the gloves can withstand the harsh conditions encountered during firefighting operations.

2. Ergonomic Design: BS EN ISO 4505:2013 emphasizes the importance of an ergonomic design for firefighting gloves. This includes proper sizing, dexterity, flexibility, and grip to enable firefighters to perform their tasks effectively and safely.

3. Thermal Protection: Firefighters are often exposed to extreme temperatures. The standard mandates that firefighting gloves must provide adequate thermal protection by resisting heat transfer and maintaining their structural integrity under high-temperature conditions.

4. Water Resistance: Since firefighting involves handling water and other liquids, gloves should also provide sufficient resistance to water penetration. This requirement ensures that the gloves maintain their performance even when wet.


BS EN ISO 4505:2013 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of firefighters by setting the standards for firefighting gloves. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can produce high-quality gloves that provide reliable protection against various hazards. Firefighters can rely on these certified gloves to perform their critical duties while minimizing the risks associated with their challenging work.


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