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What is BS EN 60068252011?

BS EN 60068252011 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the design, implementation, and maintenance of safety-related control systems. It specifically focuses on functional safety, which refers to the safety aspects related to a system's ability to function correctly in response to its inputs.

Importance of BS EN 60068252011

Compliance with BS EN 60068252011 is crucial in industries where the failure of safety-related control systems can lead to severe consequences, such as in transportation, energy, or manufacturing sectors. This standard ensures that companies follow a systematic approach to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and implement safety measures to reduce these risks effectively.

By adhering to BS EN 60068252011, organizations can enhance the safety integrity of their control systems, helping to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to property. It also promotes international consistency in safety practices, making it easier for manufacturers to operate globally and ensure their products meet high safety standards.

Key Requirements of BS EN 60068252011

The BS EN 60068252011 standard comprises several key requirements that organizations need to fulfill to achieve functional safety. These requirements include:

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment: Companies must conduct a thorough analysis of potential hazards and assess the associated risks. This involves considering factors such as the severity and probability of harm that could result from a hazardous event.

Safety Functions: The standard emphasizes the importance of defining safety functions, which are functions implemented to mitigate identified risks. Safety functions should be designed to respond appropriately to inputs and ensure the system operates safely under various conditions.

Verification and Validation: Organizations must perform verification and validation activities to confirm that their safety-related control systems meet the necessary requirements. This includes testing, inspection, and analysis to ensure that the system works as intended.

Maintenance and Operation: Regular maintenance and operation of safety-related control systems are essential to ensure their continued effectiveness and reliability. Companies should establish appropriate procedures and provide adequate training to employees involved in the system's operation and upkeep.


BS EN 60068252011 is a vital standard for achieving functional safety in industries where safety-related control systems play a crucial role. By following the guidelines and requirements outlined in this standard, organizations can improve the safety integrity of their systems, minimize risks, and protect both human lives and property.

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