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What is BS EN ISO 13346:2013?


BS EN ISO 13346:2013 is a professional technical standard that specifies the format of file system for optical discs storage media. This international standard was developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and is titled "Information technology - Computing environment - Volume and file structure of write-once and rewritable media using non-sequential recording for information interchange". It provides guidelines and requirements for the organization and management of data on optical discs.

Key Features and Benefits

The purpose of BS EN ISO 13346:2013 is to ensure interoperability and compatibility of optical discs across different computer systems and platforms. It defines the volume and file structure, as well as the encoding and representation of data on these types of media. By adhering to this standard, users can expect the following benefits:

Compatibility: Optical discs created using this standard can be read and accessed by various operating systems, software, and hardware devices.

Reliability: The standardized file system ensures data integrity and reduces the risk of data corruption or loss.

Flexibility: BS EN ISO 13346:2013 supports different file systems and allows for the storage of various types of files, including documents, images, videos, and applications.

Interchangeability: Data stored on optical discs can be easily exchanged and shared among different users and systems.

Implementation Guidelines

To implement BS EN ISO 13346:2013, it is essential to follow the guidelines and requirements outlined in the standard. Some key aspects include:

Volume Structure: Optical discs must adhere to a specific volume structure, including partition tables, file system descriptors, and volume recognition sequences.

File System: The standard defines the file system organization, supported file attributes, character sets, and naming conventions.

Data Organization: The standard provides guidelines for organizing data within files and directories, as well as methods for managing file metadata.

Error Handling: BS EN ISO 13346:2013 includes provisions for error detection, correction, and recovery mechanisms to ensure data reliability.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 13346:2013 is an important technical standard that plays a crucial role in ensuring compatibility and interoperability of optical discs. By following its guidelines and requirements, users can benefit from reliable and flexible storage media that can be easily accessed and shared across different platforms and systems.


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